Batman Arkham VR PC Release Date Revealed; More Details Here

PC fans of Batman Arkham VR can finally rejoice as it was recently reported that the PlayStation 4-exclusive status of the title is coming to an end. It is said that the upcoming game will be released on PC for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on April 25.

For a quick recap, Batman Arkham VR takes players to Batman's cape and cloak but offers a more realistic game experience ever. It allows players to throw Batarangs, investigate crimes via Detective Mode and track down enemies under Batman's rogue gallery. It was first offered in PlayStation 4 with the timed exclusive deal, and now PC gamers cannot wait for its arrival to the platform very soon.

The timed exclusivity of Batman Arkham VR on PlayStation 4 has been known long before. It is considered as one of PlayStation VR's strongest title. With only limited number of games made for PlayStation VR, the longer the exclusivity, the better for the platform. However, it appears that Batman Arkham VR only lasted six months for the time exclusive deal.

Batman Arkham VR is the fifth installment of the franchise and developed by the same studio, Rocksteady Studios. The events of the game occur sometime after Batman: Arkham City. However, before the actions in Batman: Arkham Night. However, the timeline remains unofficial as of now and it is also unclear if Rocksteady will continue developing more Batman games in the future. That means Batman Arkham VR might be the last installment of the franchise.

On the other hand, there are other PlayStation VR timed exclusive game titles that also have an expiring contract, aside from Batman Arkham VR. The list includes 100ft Robot Golf which was released on PC last week. Robison: The Journey was released on PC in early February. Battlezone has yet to receive a PC release. Lastly, Resident Evil 7 that made everyone wonder since it already passed six months. Perhaps, the horror-survival title might be locked into a year-long exclusivity deal.


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