Batman: Return To Arkham Receives A PS4 Pro Patch

There are numerous PlayStation 4 games that were being patched, thus it now allows enhancement whenever they are played on PlayStation 4 Pro. The latest patch is designed for the remasters of the previous versions of Arkham games.

The Batman: Return to Arkham game has been patched for the addition of visual upgrades and loads of performance and stability enhancements. The announcement was made known during the WB Games forum, and its community manager said that the update is meant to improve the visual fidelity while plying PS4 Pro, as reported by Attack of the Fanboy.

This patch also includes other improvements such as Performance/hitching issues for a smoother and more consistent frame rate. Its Intermittent crashing issues were also given solution so that there will be an improved gameplay stability.

Batman: Return to Arkham is developed as a collection of remasters, including games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. There were also improvements on the games' visuals, and it also includes a DL release for every game. However, Arkham Origins is not included in this collection. There were varying reports about the degree of upgrade that these remasters offer.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the last main entry of the entire collection that Rockstedy will be making. However, 2016 was a lucky year for the collection to be put into the spotlight. Together with Return to Arkham, Batman: Arkham VR was also released exclusively on PlayStation VR.

Rocksteady, the developer of the entire collection, stated during the early part of the year about the team's plan to explore something outside of the Batman universe in their next release. The teaser at the end of Arkham Knight gave out clues as to how the series will continue. These enhancements were developed in the hope that it will improve the gamer's experience in playing the game.


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