Did BioWare Outsource The Mass Effect Andromeda Facial Animations?

Mass Effect Andromeda has been under fire since its release for its plethora of bugs and awkward animation. However, could the main problem be not from BioWare itself?

Awkward Facial Animations Due To Outsourcing Work?

According to PVPLive, one video report explains that BioWare actually had all the facial and character animations outsourced to other EA studios. Video game historian Liam Robertson claimed that he had spoken to several members of the team who claimed that the company used the new Cyberscan technology.

For those unfamiliar, this piece of tech creates digital scans of objects or faces in order to create 3D models in the game. Robertson claimed that BioWare relied heavily on this program instead of using artists to manually sculpt the safe, as they believed that the tech would save them time. While it may have done so, there is no denying that the finished product looked extremely out of place.

In line with this, the human and possibly alien characters were outsourced to other EA branches. Upon receiving the initial scans, BioWare chose not to touch them anymore. In spite of this, EA outsourcing its work is nothing new as it has often passed animation from its internal studios. Robertson noted that this method would also be a great way for them to save money.

Even so, the historian's sources stated that they did not pass the work due to cost-cutting issues. In fact, the management team supposedly saw no need to further polish the facial features. One artist even tried to offer and enhance the work but was merely turned away.

New Gun Heading To Mass Effect Andromeda?

That aside, the game might be getting a weapon that only appears in cutscenes, as per GameSpot. The X5 Ghost existed merely as a prop but lead designer Ian Frazier explained that they are thinking of turning it into a useable gun. Moreover, players are requesting that they also include the AAX5 weapon but the studio has yet to respond to this.

BioWare has already assured fans that it is trying to look for a way to fix the various issues like the awkward facial animations in the game. Fans can play Mass Effect Andromeda on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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