Apple Leak Reveals iPhone Upgrades, Full Spectral Sensing To Be Added

The 2017 iPhones will bring in the most drastic change ever made to the brand. The most recently leaked data revealed that there is no way fans would be able to see the iPhones the same way again. Apparently, 2017 iPhones will boast of a new screen technology that will ultimately change the smartphones' entire look.

The data came from financial services company Barclays, who revealed that the next generation iPhones will sport "full spectral sensing". This includes the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8. Additionally, the technology will bring in iPad Pro's "True Tone" technology to the 2017 smartphones.

2017 iPhones' True Tone Technology

Apple explains this iPad Pro technology as the use of advanced 4-channel ambient light sensors. This will automatically adapt the color of the display to match the environment's current lighting. Forbes describes this as a "fantastic technology" and could be even more necessary for the iPhones compared to the iPads considering the fact that the phones are smaller and harder to stare at for longer hours.

2017 iPhones' Drawback

Nevertheless, this also comes with some bad news. As per Barclays, this step up in component could increase the phones' cost to over 60 percent on both the LCD and OLED equipped smartphones. Take note that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will allegedly sport LCD displays while the iPhone 8 or the anniversary iPhone will come with OLED display.

This supports past predictions that the iPhone 8 could likely be no less than $1000 in price. Considering the fact that Apple was able to drastically increase the price of the MacBook Pro last year, it is already clear that the company is in no way afraid to change prices.

Needless to say, this might also explain the rumor that Apple won't release the iPhone 8 together with the 7S and 7S Plus. As per the rumors, the 7S and 7S Plus will go first this September and the iPhone 8 will follow by the end of the year. This will allow people to just settle with the less expensive regular iPhones or take the extra time to save up for the super-premium iPhone 8.

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