Project Scorpio Announcement Date Officially Set; Microsoft Focused On Delivering Games At Launch

One Twitter account has shared the date of when Microsoft will formally unveil the Xbox One's successor. Incidentally, the company is also prioritizing the launch titles it has planned for Project Scorpio.

Microsoft To Unveil Xbox One Successor This Week

Twitter account Digital Foundry announced that the official announcement for Scorpio will take place on April 6 at 2 PM UK / 6 AM Pacific. For now, they have yet to share any more information about the upcoming event. However, the aforementioned account specializes in performance and hardware breakdowns so fans should expect the coverage to possibly focus more on the power or specs of the console.

The Scorpio allegedly contains 6 teraflops of performance as well as a whopping 8 CPU cores and 320 GB of memory bandwidth. The company also boasted about how it is the most powerful console it has ever made and will clearly be a step up from the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Project Scorpio And The Importance Of First Party Games

This time, it also seems like Microsoft is focusing on the games since Xbox boss Phil Spencer stressed the importance of preparing first-party games at launch, as per GameSpot. In response to a tweet asking if the console would have launch titles, he responded that having first-party titles ready for the system is very critical.

While it is still unsure to what titles will be launching with the console, it seems like they are taking this into thought much more seriously than before. The E3 2016 announcement trailer also showed some major studios like Electronic Arts and Bethesda which might hint that it might be working on launch games for the console.

That aside, Spencer noted that the Xbox One successor will be a premium device hence it will be much more expensive than the "S" series. In line with this, he is sure that Project Scorpio will be able to sell as well as the "S," which hints at an expensive price point. As of now, only time will tell if Microsoft is on the right track towards the next generation.

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