Project Scorpio May Be Revealed Sooner Than Expected

Microsoft has already revealed before that they are working on a very powerful console that they called Project Scorpio. In the months after the reveal, players and fans were treated to hints as to the specs of the gaming platform, but until now nothing special has been revealed. However, E3 2017 is fast approaching so eagerly anticipating fans can relax, knowing that Microsoft would be discussing more about their highly anticipated console by then.

Interview With Phil Spencer

In an article by TechRadar, Phil Spencer, Xbox Head, was interviewed about Project Scorpio and about the Xbox family. He of course, hinted on a few surprises that the company may be planning on, but failed to give any solid details. In the course of the interview however, he said that it is possible that Microsoft may host a Project Scorpio event, one that specifically highlights the platform's hardware, but unfortunately, they have no solid plans yet as of the moment. He also mentioned that if the event doesn't push through, that it would be very hard to reveal everything in E3.

More About Project Scorpio

According to GameSpot, when asked about the appearance of Project Scorpio, Spencer goes on to answer that it would have a "premium" look to it, but it would still appear similar to those that belong to the Xbox family. Furthermore, he says that he can't wait to show what the console looks like to everyone.

Aside from the appearance, Spencer was asked about the price of the upcoming console, and he says that people should expect that Project Scorpio would have a "premium" price. He goes on to say that they call it a "premium" console because he wants to make it clear that Project Scorpio is built for the premium gaming consumer, meaning that these people are those who buy a lot of games, who plays a lot of games, who spends a ton of money and countless hours on games.

However, he goes on to clarify that he doesn't intend to scare anyone with the price though, and that the company will be deciding on a price that they think is fair for the product that they made. Spencer goes on to mention that he expects that the company will be selling more Xbox One S than Project Scorpio because of its relative low price.

Whatever direction Microsoft plans to take is something that is yet to be seen, however it is fine to assume that Microsoft may be planning something for Project Scorpio. Hopefully, specific details about the appearance, price and specs would soon be announced as a lot of people are eagerly waiting for information about the console.

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