Here's The Last Working Tracker In Pokemon GO For Android

By Sarene Mae Butao , Apr 06, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

Since Niantic started to take down these third-party tracking apps in Pokémon GO, several known services had been shut down. Trackers have become useful among players in the community. However, the company made it clear that it is against players using trackers.

BGR notes that finding a working tracker today is really difficult compared before when they were overshadowing each other. Apparently, it seems like there is only one left that players should check iout.

The tracker mentioned above is no longer than the GoTracker. It is a real-time tracker for Pokémon GO that features all the thing players should expect from a tracker for this year. GoTracker will display all available Pokémon within the area, as well as revealing the PokeStops and Gyms. Pokémon IV and move sets are also displayed on the map.

Based on the report, players have the ability to sort Pokémon via a variety of filters, it would also alert players while the app is on background and setup custom sounds for a particular Pokémon species. Interestingly, players can also place Lures automatically using the GoTracker app.

GoTracker might not be visually appealing compared to the other ones; however, it is surely one of the most outstanding. Unfortunately, the app still not accessible from the Google Play Store since Niantic checks the portal regularly and takes down unofficial apps. However, players can download the tracking app through this website.

Apparently, it is still unclear whether an English version of the app becomes available in the public. However, if some players are hyped to see GoTracker in action, download and install the app via the given link.

Nonetheless, Niantic remains true to its words in regards to taking down these unofficial and hacking apps in the game. It is to help protect the legitimate players in the community against unfair practices promulgated by these apps.


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