Pokemon GO Easter Event: What We Know So Far

Pokémon GO has been actively hosting special events that have been related to the real world holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day. With the latest Water Event officially ending, fans are now looking forward to Niantic's plans including the Easter Event.

Most of the gaming franchises usually host their version of Easter Event, which gives tons of in-game bonuses. Thus, it is likely for Niantic to also have an event running during these times. The report said that several players are hoping for another unlimited use of Incubator to hatch eggs or perhaps lowering the distance walked by half. There are also Pokémon GO Easter Event suggestions that surfaced online such as an increase in Chansey's spawn rate and Egg drop, particularly the 10 KM ones.

The unlimited Incubator usage might not be considered to be applied again since Niantic tends to give unique bonuses for each game event. While the other suggestions make sense, some players also hoped for a bunch of rare Pokémon that fans have not seen in the game yet.

On the other hand, there are five Pokémon listed that players wanted to see hatched from Eggs this Easter. First is Delibird, which is currently unavailable to the game. Though, the Pokémon is more suited for Christmas Day reveal, the absence makes it a candidate for Easter. Next is Smeargle. This painter Pokemon is known for its move Sketch that permanently copies the last move made by the enemy. Similar to Delibird, Smeargle is still not available in Pokémon GO.

The third on the list is Unown. This Pokémon holds the most number of sprites in the game. Though players already saw some version of the Pokémon in the wild, however, it appears that not all version were released. Coming to the fourth list is Houndor. It is said to be one of the rarer Pokémon in the game, which players hunted since the Gen 2 patch arrives. Players are hoping to see this Pokémon hatched from eggs this Easter.

Lastly, Niantic should also consider releasing another Shiny variant to the game. Since Easter is somehow connected to Eggs, it is reasonable enough to introduce Shiny Exeggcute. As remembered, the arrival of Shiny Magikarp in the game significantly contributes to the success of the previous Water Festival Event.

As of now, Niantic has not spilled any information about the possibility of having Easter Event in Pokémon GO.

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