Microsoft Should Do These For The Xbox Scorpio To Succeed

By Edge Ison , Apr 06, 2017 04:14 AM EDT

The launch of the Xbox Scorpio figures to be the biggest event for Microsoft in recent years. That, however, does not automatically mean that the much-anticipated video game console will be a huge success.

Take the Nintendo Switch, for example. The hybrid console from the legendary gaming company was a huge hit upon its release. However, it has figured in a few controversies since then including the desyncing issues with the left Joy-Con, the warping tablet, and the lack of stocks. For Microsoft to be better than the Switch and other existing consoles, it must meet a few vital factors.

One such factor is the price. Much has been said about how "premium" the Xbox Scorpio is going to be what with its high-end features and claims of being the "most powerful console ever". As many know, quality comes at a premium price. Microsoft needs to figure out how to keep the quality of Project Scorpio high while keeping the price within reach. Phil Spencer, the Xbox head, did say that the price will be fair to both the company and the consumer. Spencer also hinted that the Xbox Scorpio will be a bit more expensive than the Xbox One S which goes for $299. The console should not sell for more than $399, the current price of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft should also keep its promise of producing a brilliant and powerful hardware. As mentioned, the company claims that the Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever and this is primarily because of its six teraflops of power along with an octa-core processor and "true 4K gaming".

Furthermore, Forbes noted that Microsoft needs to include "must-have exclusives" with the Scorpio. The company has been notorious for not having quality exclusives before and it's high time that Microsoft change its ways. It should take some notes from how Sony succeeded with its quality exclusives. Nintendo also released some exclusive games with the Switch but the list has been generally disappointing.

Finally, Forbes stressed that Microsoft needs Sony and Nintendo to be complacent for its Xbox Scorpio to succeed. This is wishful thinking, though, as no one wants to be left far behind in the battle of the video game consoles. The true secret to the Scorpio's success is if Microsoft doesn't hold back.

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