‘Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Fined For Going Against Producers? Show Is Staged As Co-Star Confirms

Looks like the drama on “Dance Moms” is far from being over. A few hours ago, Sari Lopez stated that Abby Lee Miller was slapped with a hefty amount for her actions against the producers. Also, Lopez commented about the show and why it shouldn’t be called as reality series.

Abby Lee Miller Fined By The Producers?

“Dance Moms” is arguably one of the most celebrated reality TV series of all time. Fans are still shocked with the way Abby Lee Miller left the show and the direction that “Dance Moms” is heading. When Abby Lee Miller burst out her frustration, nobody expected the bombs that he threw against the producers. During her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Abby was defiant when she used the words "manipulated, disrespected, used day in and day out" against the producers. Miller added that working for them is a mental challenge each day.

The tension between Abby Lee Miller and the producers skyrocketed when Miller stated that the producers used her dead dog on the set and pushed the dog using a stroller like it is still alive. Sari Lopez was interviewed about the current situation of the show and Abby Lee Miller. Lopez stated that Abby Lee Miller was fined with an enormous amount for not following the producers' instructions. When asked about the exact amount, Lopez didn’t give any figure. For those who are not familiar, Sari Lopez is the mother of Areana Lopez who owns the Kandi Kouture Dancewear.

‘Dance Moms’ Is Staged?

Sari Lopez also made an intriguing comment about “Dance Moms”. Technically, the TV show is tagged as a reality TV series due to the nature of the show and there are no scripts being followed. However, that does not seem to be the case as Lopez stated. The mother of the mini’s explained that the show is fake and everything is staged. This is not the first time that the show was called out as several participants also questioned the show's credibility.

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