‘The Voice' Team Adam Looks Promising, Jesse Larson And Taylor Alexander's Epic Showdown Praised

Amidst the tensions and speculations that are happening in the latest season of “The Voice”, Team Adam looks very promising especially when they wowed the crowd with a rendition of Garth Brooks song. Also, Jesse Larson and Taylor Alexander showed their versatility when they take turns to the tune of “Shameless”.

Adam Levine On Tour

Currently, the frontman of the band Maroon 5 is on their final leg with their Asian tour concert. While Adam Levine is busy doing what he loves, his team in “The Voice” is making a name for themselves. Not only they are popular due to Adam but they are also extremely talented. Adam Levine knows that in order for him to maximize the talents of his singers, he must need to choose a song that is out of their comfort zone.

Larson And Alexander’s Battle Is One For The Ages

Well, they sure did. During the initial rehearsal of the song, Jesse Larson and Taylor Alexander were surprised about their song. Technically, Jesse Larson should have an edge against Taylor Alexander since he now resides from Nashville and cited Garth Brooks as one of his idols. On the other hand, Taylor Alexander just heard the song the night after their rehearsal. John Legend was also present to mentor Team Adam. They were given separate advice specifically in singing a masterpiece. Larson and Alexander both have powerful voices but they are different in a way. Alexander is more of a low-voice Frank Sinatra-like, while Larson has those soulful killer blues in his arsenal.

To the surprise of the fans, the odd pairing did a great job in singing "Shameless." The crowd wasn’t the only one who was captivated and moved by their performance. The judges, mentors and even A-list artists have chimed with Larson and Alexander’s epic battle. However, as much as the judges want to retain both singers, the other one has to go. Jesse Larson lives for another day and Taylor Alexander just bid its farewell.

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