CS:GO's Launch In China Will Prompt Valve To Reveal Item Drop Rates

By Kim Chan , Apr 11, 2017 11:08 AM EDT

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the world's most renowned first-person shooter. Its earlier version, Counter-Strike 1.6, has been around for nearly a decade now and has been the pillar of most of today's prominent FPS. However, as popular as it may seem, CS:GO has yet to officially launch in China, well as far as official support goes, until today.

CS:GO China Debut

Valve's CS:GO is about to officially launch in China, paving the way to Chinese Esport teams. Despite being available in the said region, support for the game has yet to be acknowledged. This resulted in the lack of CS:GO Chinese talents in the market today. According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, the China launch will bring the game into the spotlight, which will hopefully contend to the region's popular FPS, Crossfire. The latter being the prominent FPS game in Asia to date.

Ahmad said, "Chinese eSports teams have already invested in Counter-Strike eSports and it has been growing in popularity," says Ahmad. "However, viewership and talent are still missing. With the release this month, Perfect World will be bringing back Counter-Strike into the spotlight and aiming to bring in both a new and nostalgic audience, grow the eSports scene and compete with the behemoth that is Crossfire."

CS:GO Chest Drop Rates

For those that didn't know, China recently imposed a law that required all games to specify its chest items' drop rates. This recently affected Blizzard's popular FPS, Overwatch and had since followed the mandate of the Chinese government. It is still unclear whether or not, Valve will abide the same rule.

However, as for Ahmad, he noted that all developers and companies do not have a choice but to follow suit in order to prevent any complications. With that being said, Valve may soon reveal the exact drop rates of CS:GO items which are expected to be as early as next week. Check back for more CS:GO news and updates!

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