CS:GO Top Players Reveal Their Plans After Professional Career

In the world of competitive Esports, money come and go faster than Usain Bolt as professional players sometimes find themselves in a streak of either resplendent or underwhelming performances. Due to the natural oscillation of Esports, the families, even team managers of these players, oftentimes play a vital role in managing their financial growth. And today, some of the top professional players share their plans after the curtains of their pro gaming will fall.

Andreas 'MODDII' Fridh

MODDII is a 27-year-old Swedish player currently playing for team Heroic. The professional player has been in the competitive scene since CS 1.6. According to him, back then he was playing in 1.6, the salaries offered to players were meager and they could not live off from their earnings. But now, after the great booming of Esport, MODDII revealed that he had finally bought the dream house that he and his partner had been saving. MODDII plans in improving the mainstream of Esport and hopefully launch his own team.

Nikola 'NiKo' Kovac

NiKo recently made headlines after Faze Clan made a staggering $500,000 buyout of the player from his previous team - the largest transfer record in the history of the game. According to the player, he would like to either manage a team or create his own Esport organization someday. The player revealed that the glory of building and supporting a winning side is appealing to him. "It'd be exciting to have my own organization. It's a great feeling to have the best team out there, and that's really inspiring," he said.

Timothy 'Autimatic' Ta

Autimatic currently plays for Cloud9 and the 20-year-old revealed that he is planning on completing his education in the future. Despite his success in the pro scene, the player said that he has given himself a deadline for which his career as a professional player would last. Autimatic revealed that after three years (regardless of his success), he will go back to university to finish a degree in computer science. According to Autimatic, he would like to work on tech companies involved in the revolution of Esports, such as streaming platforms including Twitch.

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