Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Compatible Services Is Key

Smart home speakers are the new addendum to the technological innovations that already surround a homeowner. In that arena of technology, there are currently two brands that fight for the number one spot. The first is Amazon Echo that is capable of responding to a user's queries and commands. The giant electronic retailer company launched their product in 2014, a move that certainly gave them a head start in the market. But, of course, Google would not be left behind and they announced they would be competing with Amazon through their Google Home. It is also a smart speaker, just like its rival device. However, there is only one smart, a digital assistant that can rule the home. Which one would it be?


The design of a device is the first thing a consumer would judge. In this regard, neither Amazon nor Google pulled any punches so as to attract customers. But they do differ in how they do it. For instance, Google Home went for a plain white body with a grey-black bottom. On the other hand, Amazon Echo chose a dark look for its chassis.

In this regard, a user would have to choose which home speaker is more suitable with the rest of the décor. That is because both Google Home and Amazon Echo need to be plugged into work. But for this section, Home wins with its friendlier design, Digital Trends notes.

Connectivity and Productivity

These speakers may be pretty, but they serve more than just another device for playing music. They are also digital assistants that one can command to do a certain thing or ask a question. They are supposed to help people do certain things hands-free.

Google's mighty speaker has partnered with different home electronics service providers to tap into digital command-enabled devices in the home. For example, a homeowner can tell Home to bring up Netflix on the TV. It is also outfitted with Google Assistant, an AI helper that responds to questions. This is the Home's best feature since the Assistant is almost conversational.

Meanwhile, Amazon Echo is connected with a person's Amazon Prime account, PC Advisor shows. Through this, a person can call up anything that is on the account such as music and movies. And, of course, it is also connected with other smart-home devices for hands-free switches and adjustments. As for its digital assistant named Alexa, it can also answer questions but is not as smart as Google's.

Still, Amazon Echo trumps Google Home because it allows for different accounts. It can switch between different profiles and is extremely helpful when asking for an outlook of the day's commute.


Amazon Echo retails at $179 while people can snag Google Home for just $129. The winner here is clear since Home also includes a six-month subscription to YouTube Red.

Overall Verdict

Google Home is packed with features that are certainly helpful around the house. Its partnership with several companies also allows it connect with more smart-home devices. However, it is still a work in progress and its capabilities do not yet match up with that of Amazon Echo. That is why Amazon's little speaker is still the better choice.

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