The Division: Everything About The New Easter Event

With Easter arriving soon, several game titles are now hosting their version of celebrating the great day. One of these games is Tom Clancy's The Division. It was announced previously that the game will host an Easter Event that would bring new bonuses such as double XP and rewards for particular encounters.

According to Game Rant, the said event also offers a discount to the select weapon skins, emotes, backpack skins, and outfit for the weekend. The report says that it will grant increased rewards from named bosses. For instance, the enemies in the game which have names, Dark Zone bosses, and Incursion bosses.

The extra reward drop from the said enemies runs from April 14 at 10 AM CEST until April 16 at a similar time. Meanwhile, there is the quickest way to maximize the rewards from the event. It was suggested that players should follow a path through the open world. Based on the report, all of the named bosses have a 4-hour spawn timer. By this, players have the opportunity to grind at these bosses for at least once a day. If they are meticulous, they could farm them twice a day.

Following the increased drop from the named boss, the game will switch to the second event offering a double proficiency cache whenever players fill the Field Proficiency Bar. For those who are uninformed, the Field Proficiency Bar is similar to an XP bar. The players will then receive a cache with gear once this bar is full. From April 16 at 10 AM CEST until April 18, players can earn two caches whenever they fill the bar.

Lastly, the whole event which runs from April 13 to April 20 will feature a sale on the game's gear such as weapon skin, emotes and outfits. Based on the statement from Ubisoft, this sale gives a massive 75 percent discount on these mentioned items.

The Division Easter Event runs from April 13 until April 20, while the Spring Sale is currently live which will end by April 20.


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