Ubisoft Hints The Division Year 2 Details; Two New Expansion Pack Arriving

Massive will be celebrating its first year anniversary and they are preparing for a livestream for The Division of Team Clancy. Julian Gerighty, creative director, has made a statement about the plans for the game's second year. Although Gerighty has not yet revealed all of the details about what Massive is planning, he instead shared some insights about what are to be expected from The Division's Year 2.

It sounds as if Massive is formulating their plans on full years' worth of new content and updates to make gamers engaged within the next 12 months. Gerighty said that the developer is planning to combine new events, features, content and events that will provide players new means for it to be enjoyed. The Division has an option to be played solo and with friends.

The biggest revelations that Gerighty has revealed was the announcement of two free expansions that are coming for the Year 2 of the game. Gerighty has not specified regarding the details. However, he said that the expansion will be offering players new challenges and opportunities for The Division.

The first expansion will be arriving on summer, and it will be focusing on the PvE aspects of The Division. Massive will be introducing events that will be giving rewards for players who will be participating, and as soon as they accomplish certain tasks, according to Game Rant.

Gerighty said that one of the biggest pieces of new content is an events structure that will reward players once they participate, compete and complete the playlist of activities that feature a modifier. However, he did not specify about how the events would look like, how long will it last, or what the specific activities players would be involved. Although, he was able to mention that there will be more information about what these events would be in the next days to come.


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