‘Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Spoilers: Shots Fired, Sub-Plots Confirmed

After a long hiatus, “Orange Is The New Black” season 5 dropped its extended trailer. The new video showed that Daya hasn't decided yet if she will pull the trigger. However, right before the clip ended, a gunshot was heard.

Fans were unglued when they saw the new trailer of “Orange Is The New Black”. Daya who is battling from postpartum was again caught in the middle. The inmates are still upset with how the justice system works inside the jail and they are taking their frustration towards the jail guards. Poussey Washington’s death still haunts them and in a stunning turn of events, one of the guards was caught off-guard.

Who Pulled The Trigger?

Daya was able to retrieve the jail guard's gun and she holds them at gunpoint. A gunshot was heard which made Piper and Chapman look back at the area. There were numerous questions that were formulated by the fans and they need to have some answers. First, did Daya really pull the trigger? Did she shot the jail guard? Is there anybody in the prison cell that has a spare gun and shoot someone else.

Most of the fans believed that Daya didn’t pull the trigger. Although she hates the jail guards more than anything else, Daya understands her situation. The only thing that is keeping her from pulling the trigger is the love for her daughter. Daya’s only request is to be reunited with her daughter Armaria.

The Wardens Antics

The theory of another person having a spare gun inside the jail is widely received than Daya pulling the trigger. Remember when the warden staged numerous events inside the penitentiary area? That will likely happen as explained by one of the cast. Again, “Orange Is The New Black” season 5 will consist numerous episodes but it will revolve around a 3-day period work.

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