‘Dancing With The Stars' Spoilers: Simone Biles Talks About Adaption, Mr. T Stuns Fans With 'Amazing Grace Performance'

Arguably the most emotional episode in “Dancing With The Stars” history was shown the other day. Simone Biles and Sasha Waltz dazzled the crowd but the main focus was the Olympic gold medalist. Also, Mr. T showed that he still has the “it” factor when he stunned the crowd with his “‘Amazing Grace” performance.

Simone Biles Blast From The Past

The majority of the fans of “Dancing With The Stars” knows that Simone Biles is an exceptional athlete. It is the very reason why the 4’7 olympian won multiple gold medals during the last Olympic games. However, little do they know that Simone Biles suffered numerous setbacks in her life. After their dance with Sasha, Simone Biles broke down to tears. Biles stated that the year 2000 was the year when everything changed in her life.

She tried to be as compose as she can but it is visible that to this day, Simone Biles is still being haunted by her past. The 20-year-old olympian stated that at the age of three, she already felt hunger and fear. Biles stated that her mom was suffering from alcohol and drug abuse which led her to be in and out of the prison. Biles was put into a foster care then after three years, her grandpa adopted her. Biles cited her grandparents as her saviors due to the sacrifices that they made in making sure that she and her sister will have a bright future.

Mr. T’s Amazing Grace

Also, Mr. T is not going anywhere as he wowed the crowd with his performance. Fans weren’t expecting Mr. T to go that deep as he performed Amazing Grace. The motive on that episode was “Moment Of The Year”. Mr. T explained that the reason he chooses Amazing Grace is to honor and show God how grateful he is to be in this world.

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