Kendrick Lamar Proving His Worth At Coachella Festival

Kendrick Lamar might be the most talked about artist that the music industry has right now. The 29-year-old product of Compton California is single-handedly revolutionizing the business. His latest performance at the Coachella Festival showed that he is the most important rapper in the game today.

Kendrick Lamar Is Making History

Much has been said about the success and persona of Kendrick Lamar. However, it is still not enough to fully cover the things that he is doing right now. When Kendrick Lamar released its highly anticipated album called “Damn”, not only he served notice to its peers but provided a reminder to the rest of the world that he indeed is for real. Kendrick Lamar’s artistry is second to none. Although there are some people who compare him to the Rap God, Eminem.

During the yearly festivity called Coachella Festival, Kendrick Lamar unleashed its new music. According to a report from a respected magazine, the crowd was unglued when they saw Kendrick Lamar on the stage. On the other hand, Kendrick Lamar was surprised with the crowd's reaction without even saying a word. The DJ started to play his song and Kendrick Lamar brought the house down. There were multiple celebrities in attendance but even them were at awe with Kendrick Lamar’s presence.

Coachella Festival

Technically, this is not the first time that Kendrick Lamar performed at Coachella Festival. However, his performance the other day could be his greatest. Lamar was joined by numerous musicians but it is also evident that majority of those who attended the festival was rooting for the “Damn” artist.

Celebrities, musicians and sports icons have chimed in with Kendrick Lamar’s new album. If there is one word to describe “Damn” Album, that would be legendary. hasn’t commented yet on his concert dates but it is possible that he and his representatives are finalizing it already. As for their beef with Drake, Lamar is being silent about it, for now.

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