‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: The Reincarnation Of Evil Majin Buu, Uub Resurfaces?

By Dez Bryant , Apr 20, 2017 05:58 AM EDT

Prior to the battle royal starting, TOEI Animation just provided a hint that the Tournament of Power is not the last Arc in “Dragon Ball Super”. During episode 86, Dende told Goku that there is a young boy who is living in a certain village who has an exceptional talent in Martial Arts. Uub is widely considered as the reincarnation of evil Majin Buu and he will again cross path with Goku.

Uub Resurfaces

Technically, this is not the first time that Uub was introduced in “Dragon Ball Super” series. The young boy was mentioned numerous times but wasn’t given some spotlight. For those who are not familiar, Uub is from a poor village who joined the Martial Arts tournament to win the cash prize. Goku was able to notice that Uub is very special and has some uncanny Martial Arts skill. Both of them showcased their talents but end up being friends with each other.

The Reincarnation Of Evil Majin Buu

Episode 86 also shed some light on who Uub really is. Although Dende didn’t say it directly, avid fans of “Dragon Ball” knows that he was talking about Uub. Dende described him as the Reincarnation of evil Majin Buu due to his skill and stature. Multiple theorists also believe that when evil Majin Buu was killed, few of his DNA’s were scattered and transferred to another being. Basing on the name alone, if fans will reverse the name of Uub, the result will be Buu.

Going back to the Tournament of Power, it is already guaranteed that Goku and Universe 7 will win the Battle Royal. However, it is still not clear on how Universe 7 will win against the other members of the multiverse. Lastly, Cali The Female Broly might have some connection with Uub and Universe 6 as explained before. TOEI Animation has been exceptional with their storyline and fans surely appreciate it.

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