‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: 'The Supreme Universe'

TOEI Animation just revealed the complete list of the Gods Of Destruction, Supreme Kai’s and Angels of each Universe. Among the 12 members of the multiverse, Universe 1 sits on top of the throne.

There were numerous speculations that were created by the fans when the list of the mortal rankings was provided. Also, the official website of TOEI Animation stated that Beerus has a rival God and it will play a lot in the storyline of the Battle Royal. Amidst these multiple angles that were created, fans are highly interested in Universe 1 which is tagged as the “Supreme Universe”.

The Supreme Universe In The Multiverse

It might be a coincidence as multiple “Dragon Ball Super” experts have stated but there is a reason why Universe 1 is number 1 in the mortal rankings. Akira Toriyama has made it a point to show its legions of fans the big difference between the Supreme Universe and the other 11. Universe 1 has maintained its mystery for the past two months but some of their secrets are already out. Universe 1 has an uncanny connection with their supreme Gods and their God of Destruction is what is keeping them on top.

Iwan, The Greatest God Of Destruction

Anato, the Supreme Kai of Universe 1 is described as gentle and a master tactician. Anato has the ability to visualize things or events before it happens. The Supreme Kai of Universe 1 is also very hard to predict as he maintains his calm demeanor regardless of the situation. Iwan, The Greatest God of Destruction in the multiverse is also a character on his own. He looks like the God Shiva and doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything. Few episodes ago, fans noticed that when The Grand Priest, Daishinkan made the Battle Royal announcement, Ivan wasn’t even shocked about it. Lastly, their attendant or angel named Awamo. Basically, Awamo is tagged as the best attendant among 12 angels due to their unprecedented ranking.

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