'One Punch Man' Season 2 Spoilers: Saitama Remains More Powerful Than Garou; Watchman Dog, Bang And Other Heroes Go Against Garou

"One Punch Man" season 2's plotline is tightly kept under the wraps which is now leading fans to speculate on countless theories. Multiple reports claimed the introduction of Garou in the new installment and predicting that the new villain will outshine Saitama in a battle. Another set of theories though says otherwise with King, Watchman Dog and Bang serving as Saitama's main nemeses on "One Punch Man" season 2.

Followers of "One Punch Man" manga are quick to speculate on what the anime's season 2's focus will be. Previous rumors claim that Saitama is to get his first defeat in the hands of Garou who is said to be more powerful than the bald hero. Fans of the parody webcomic though are doubtful that the Garou dubbed as Human Monster will surpass the strength of Saitama.

From fan discussions, they are skeptical that Garou can even match the abilities of Lord Boros whom Saitama already defeated in season 1.The fallen villain is also said to make his comeback in the upcoming season where he will exact his revenge with the aid of powerful reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Garou's battle with Saitama falls under the Human Monster arc of the manga. Enthusiasts who are updated with the manga's chapters claim that the new season of "One Punch Man" is likely to follow the arc where King, a class S rank 7 hero, will be introduced. His face off with Saitama is said to come before Garou's time, hence predicting the Human Monster arc to be the focus of season 3 instead.

Other villains are also predicted to appear in the second season of "One Punch Man" like Bang and Watchman Dog. The S-class rank 12 and rank 3 heroes, respectively, including several other martial arts heroes, are said to battle Garou at the end of the season which will serve as the installment's possible cliffhanger.

Yusuke Murata and Viz Media are still keeping mum about "One Punch Man" season 2's true arc. It is expected though that a trailer of the season will soon come out as the installment is rumored to air sometime in July.

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