'One Punch Man' Season 2: Saitama Finally Meets His Equal; Show To Follow Manga Arc?

The hit anime series "One Punch Man" is expected to release its second season sometime this year. Yet, the more exciting aspect being followed by enthusiasts is the possible plot that "One Punch Man" season 2 will follow. Latest rumors claim that the series will follow the manga arc where Saitama is set to face a villain that may finally equal his abilities.

Only a little is being shared about the upcoming new season of "One Punch Man." However, enthusiasts of the superhero, who are at the same time following its comic version, reveal possible plots that the show may follow. Reports say that if the TV series will lean towards the story in the source material, then fans will probably see their favorite hero going against a villain as powerful as he is.

Avid fans would know that Saitama's character has been created in such a way that he appears to be the strongest creature on Earth. After being in numerous bouts, he is reportedly yet to face the being who can match his power. From the comic by ONE and Yusuke Murata, Saitama is to join a martial arts tournament which will open chances to meet new villains he needs to go against. However, reports say that he will also meet new heroes who may fight side by side with him.

The most important arc though that fans expect "One Punch Man" season 2 is the "Hero Hunt" where Saitama and his co-superhero gets to meet Garou. Some followers of the comic book claim that the hero will have a hard time defeating Garou as he is someone that Saitama does not intend to kill. Garou is reportedly a former student of Bang who is feared by most for his brute force and evilness.

Other villains speculated to appear on "One Punch Man" season 2 are the Psykos and the Monster Association and Dr. Bofoi (Metal Knight) who is reportedly an S-Class Rank 7 hero. Following this, it is expected that Saitama brings out his true strength as some fans believe that there is still more to his potentials. More previous reports though claim that Saitama himself will fall into darkness and turn into a villain.

Countless other rumors are constantly coming out, mainly linking the TV series with the source book. Lord Boros has previously been mentioned as well, revealing that he will be back to take on revenge against Saitama. The production though is keeping the "One Punch Man" season 2 plot under the wraps for confirmations. While updates are slow to come by, fans then may need to wait for mid-2017 which is the rumored release date of "One Punch Man" season 2.

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