NBA Playoffs: Rajon Rondo Injury Update, Celtics Looks To Dominate

The Eastern Conference Playoff Series has showcased numerous upsets and setbacks. Yesterday, it was reported that the floor general of Chicago Bulls, Rajon Rondo suffered a broken thumb and will be out indefinitely. On the other hand, Boston Celtics look to capitalize the series without the feisty Rondo.

This might be the opportunity that the Boston Celtics and the whole state of Massachusetts are looking for. Regardless of what other people say, Rajon Rondo is still one of the best point guards in the NBA. Rondo’s numbers increase drastically during the playoffs and even the Boston Celtics know what Rondo can bring to the table. Rondo was described by Kevin Garnett as an intelligent player but most of the time misunderstood by everybody.

Gerald Green Inserted To The Starting Lineup

Boston Celtics know that Rajon Rondo’s absence will provide success to their team. Numerous fans were actually shocked when Head Coach Brad Stevens inserted Gerald Green to the startling lineup. If Boston Celtics have an area to improve on, that would be rebounding. As early as first quarter they were getting pounded on the boards. However, Gerald Green provided some spark and versatility as the Celtics look to run past the Chicago Bulls.

Celtics Dominated The Bulls

Celtics dominated the first half but during the start of 3rd quarter, Boston had numerous turnovers which provided a mini run from the Bulls. The only problem is, Chicago Bulls is having a problem distributing the ball. Every basket that they had was either a lucky shot or isolation plays. Boston Celtics shared the ball like they usually do. The man in green had 34 assists while the Bulls had only 14. Also, the Celtics clamped down Jimmy Butler to 14 points shooting only 33% of his field goal.

Rajon Rondo Injury Update

As for Rajon Rondo, the Chicago Bulls point guard is ruled out for a certain amount of time. There’s no guarantee that Rondo will be back during the playoffs. According to reports, Rondo is not only nursing a thumb injury but a wrist injury as well. On the other hand, the momentum has already shifted to the Boston Celtics.

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