NBA Trade Rumors: Kristaps Porzingis To Join Paul George In A Blockbuster Trade To The Lakers?

Yesterday, the news broke out that the franchise player of Indiana Pacers Paul George is set to join the Lakers. Numerous insiders stated that the versatile player told former Ex-Pacers that he wants to go the City of Angels. Also, Kristaps Porzingis is another big name who is currently involved in trade talks and he could join PG in a possible forming of a new dynamic duo.

Paul George Wants To Be Traded

There is no secret that Paul George is one of the Top 20 players right now in the NBA. He might not have been drafted earlier as NBA experts suggest but he was able to make a name for himself by sheer determination and hard work. Paul George was a star back in Palmdale California when he was at high school and terrorize the defense when he played at Fresno State. George is now a bonafide superstar and as much as he wants to stay with Indiana Pacers, his moving forward will be the best move for his career.

Lakers Are On The Driver Seat

A former teammate of Paul George stated that he wants to go back home and possibly join the Los Angeles Lakers. If this will happen, the Indiana Pacers fans will be devastated while the Lakers fans will surely celebrate about it. On the other hand, the New York Knicks drama is already on another level. Melo and Phil Jackson are not in good terms and Kristaps Porzingis is not in the mood to talk about his Knicks career.

Porzingis and George To Form The New Dynamic Duo?

Currently, Porzingis is back at Latvia and will be staying there until pre-season starts. Like Paul George, Porzingis is involved in a majority of trade talks and LA Lakers are the heavy favorites to land Porzingis. It may sound crazy at first but Phil Jackson has a connection with The Buss family. Jackson and Porzingis might not have a good relationship like Melo but with Jeanie Buss on the Lakers Organization, Jackson might give up Porzingis.

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