Xbox Project Scorpio 4K Graphics Demoed And It's Amazing

Microsoft just revealed how amazing the graphics of the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio will be. As an added bonus, the tech demo also showed how impressive the GPU upgrade for the Xbox One is.

A series of screenshots featuring both 4K and 1080p graphics were posted by Windows Central and picked up by ARSTechnica. The images were not taken from actual games but from tech demos. The said demos were created specifically to show this impressive feature of the highly anticipated Xbox Scorpio.

One of the tech demos featured a steampunk scientist standing in her laboratory. A series of close-up images show the minute details visible on the character's hair and clothes, especially when going from the Xbox One's 1080p to the Scorpio's 4K. The images in 4K clearly show the scientist's individual strands. One can also see clearly and tell the texture of the clothes' fabric in 4K.

Another demo shows a close up of a yellow beetle. It is clear in this report by GameSpot that the left portion of the ladybug looks a lot better than the one on the right. The left side "has been rendered at 4K using existing Xbox One assets" while the right one used the Project Scorpio's extra GPU power over Xbox One. As a result, the right image still showed "vastly improved textures" but not as good as the one given the 4K treatment.

As proven by the demo, the Xbox Scorpio is also capable of drastically improving the graphics of current Xbox One games. Other than that, the much-awaited Scorpio's powerful graphic chip and larger memory will enable the console to support 3D models as well as better textures.

One of the Xbox Project Scorpio's most important features is its ability to play games in native 4K. Other features of the "world's most powerful console" include six teraflops of power, 12GB of storage, 2MB L2 cache, and a GDDR5 memory bandwidth.

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