'Criminal Minds' Updates: Spencer Reid Fights For His Freedom While Diana Gets In Trouble; Fans Continue To Boycott Season 13 Without Thomas Gibson

"Criminal Minds" season 12 is only two episodes away to its finale and Spencer Reid is mustering his courage to reveal the truth about the murder crime that he got involved in. Reid finally remembers who tried to frame him but a bigger trouble is on the way as his mother Diana is reportedly missing. Meanwhile, "Criminal Minds" season 13 has already been announced but fans still intend to continue the boycott until Thomas Gibson is recast for his role as Aaron Hotchner.

As much as Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid tries to hide his incarceration from his mother Diana, the truth will still come out and the Alzheimer patient comes to meet with her son. Diana realizes how she has become the reason behind Spencer's troubles since he went to Mexico to get her some medication. While it has been a heartbreaking scene for the duo, Spencer, upon seeing his mom, finally remembers the woman who tried to frame her. Apparently, the culprit might be Lindsey Vaughn who appeared in "Criminal Minds" season 3.

Now that Spencer Reid has a lead on the Mexico murder case, he will gather his courage to put all the pieces together and have himself freed after asking the BAU for evidence. While his case is starting to get some light, Diana Reid might cause another trouble as he goes missing and Spencer is worried that she might have been kidnapped. Are fans going to see a character getting killed? Will it be Diana or Spencer?

Meanwhile, "Criminal Minds" has already been renewed by CBS earlier this month after the network had the show's fandom worrying about its cancellation. However, millions of its original fans are still pushing for their boycott which started when Thomas Gibson was fired last year.

It can be recalled that Thomas Gibson was kicked out by the producers after he had a fight with one of the writer-producer. Fans were then very upset that they initiated a #NoHotchNoWatch boycott that resulted in "Criminal Minds" season 12's slumping ratings. The show lost over a million of viewers and with Shemar Moore returning for the installment's finale, fans are also clamoring for Thomas Gibson to return.

However, it is speculated that Thomas Gibson might never get a chance to go back to the show as he was once again placed in a difficult situation, this time with his former "Criminal Minds" manager. Gibson's Aaron Hotchner has served as the CBS series' main character. The 54-year-old actor started giving life to the character since "Criminal Minds" started and has been a major reason for its 11 seasons of success.

Matthew Gray Gubler has also been rumored to leave the show but the actor has not yet confirmed the longstanding talks. "Criminal Minds" season 13 is expected to follow the previous seasons' premiere which is in September.

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