Best iPhone Secret Tips And Tricks: Make The Best Out Of Your iPhone

Apple's iOS 10 software is packed with a lot of features at this point that it's absolutely impossible to remember them all. The engineers and designers responsible for creating the iPhone and Apple's iOS 10 software might not recall them at all. The same can be said of any computer, however, when it comes to your iPhone, you could be missing out on great features that could improve your experience day in and day out.

Switch To AirPlane Mode When Charging

One popular phone charging tip is putting your iPhone on airplane mode as this will decrease the time it takes to charge its battery. Airplane mode turns off all radio frequencies on your handset.

Delete Last Digit in Calculator App

Entered a wrong digit in the Calculator app? Instead of tapping the Clear button, you can just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers to delete the digit. Each swipe will delete the last digit until the number becomes zero.

Use Headphone Cord to Take Photo

 Are shaky hands not getting you some good photos? Well, you can trigger a snapshot using the volume up or down buttons on your headphone.

Undo Typing To Delete Typed Message

Just Shake your iPhone and tap Undo Typing to delete your message. If you want to retrieve your original message just Shake your iPhone again and tap on Redo Typing.

Using Apple Pay

If you use Apple Pay you may have missed this: When paying for items at checkout you do not need to grab and wake your iPhone and get to Wallet. Instead, just can just your Touch ID-registered finger on the Home button and place your iPhone near the reader. Your iPhone will automatically wake itself up and deal with the rest.

Type Emoji with Shortcuts

If you like to use Emoji in messaging and don't like to switch the virtual keyboards repeatedly, this trick might help, type Emoji with alphabets shortcuts.  Go to Settings, then General. Click Keyboard and Add New Shortcut. Just insert a frequently used Emoji in Phrase or Insert a text in Shortcut which can be used to convert to Emoji.

Low Power Mode

If you know you want to get more time out of your iPhone one day, you can manually switch it to Low Power Mode in Settings, Battery, then choose Low Power Mode. Doing so reduces battery power consumption by disabling Hey Siri, background app refreshes, visual effects, and no longer automatically downloading email, but you'll get better battery life.

Make Your Custom Ringtones And Alert Tones In iTunes or GarageBand

You can create ringtones for your iPhone based on any music track in your iTunes library. Just create a short, sub-30-second duplicate version of the track, then convert the file type of this track from .m4a to .m4r; re-import the track to iTunes as a ringtone and sync the ringtone with your iPhone.

How to Capture Photos While Shooting Videos

If you are using your iPhone to shoot a magical moment, and you want to snap a photo at the same time. Don't stop recording! Just press the camera button, which appears on screen in addition to the shutter button as you film or capture a video.

Get Your iPhone's Flash To Blink When You Receive A Message

If you find that the sound or vibration that your iPhone makes when you receive a message isn't always enough to get your attention, here's another trick you can try. By going to Settings, tap General then Accessibility and scroll down to the "Hearing" section and turn on "LED Flash for Alerts". This feature is designed for people with hearing disability.


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