A Community Event Is Coming To Pokemon GO

By Alvin Elfwine , May 05, 2017 05:21 AM EDT

With just a few weeks left, Niantic is planning to make Pokémon GO the best game this summer. The studio plans to re-capture one of the reasons the game became a hit despite all the ups and downs. Well, these are no other than events; but this time, it is going to be a lot different.

According to Polygon, the developers of Pokémon GO will be partnering with a national organization geared on civic engagement named the Knight Foundation. The purpose? It's basically to introduce a community-inspired event for the game. It will give players the chance to go outdoors and collect creatures together.

The aforementioned event will take place across various countries in the United States, with Charlotte, North Carolina being the first on the line come May 7. Here, players will get to explore their own city and find PokeStops. Apparently, there will be markups to help them find the latter, add to this the fact that gym locations will be highlighted as well. Players will be given an official map that they will need to follow to achieve two things: capture Pokémon and understand their city.

To make sure that this upcoming Pokémon GO event will become successful, Niantic plans to give rewards in a form of stickers. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the studio has yet to reveal any specifics on how these will be projected for the turnouts. The company will also increase the spawn rate of grass-type creatures starting until May 8, as reported by Forbes.

The first event, which will take place in North Carolina, is deemed as an experiment for this Pokémon GO event. It will become a huge stepping-stone, as the studio plans to set the same tone in the future. It is clear as the day that the developers want the titular mobile game to become more of a social experience rather than just being a game.

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