New Feature Arrives To Pokemon GO, Details Here

There have been rumors about a major update coming to Pokémon GO this month. While that can be an exciting stuff to look forward to, Niantic has prepared something for fans to get busy themselves with. Well, these are no other than the promo codes.

According to BGR, Pokémon GO players on the Android platform are entitled to interesting promo codes. Basically, these can be used to redeem items from the Shop. These could be anything from Lucky Eggs to Lure Modules to PokeBalls, among others.

It holds true that the aforementioned codes have long been discovered by dataminers. They were basically found in the game's major files, particularly on the earlier version of the hit title. This happened way before Niantic made all of this official.

Currently, though, some Pokémon GO players are reporting that the promo codes are not working at all. Mirror reports that this could be an accident and that the studio never meant to release them in the first place. Nevertheless, in the official support page of the mobile game, a thorough detail of how the promo codes work can be seen. In their most organic form, they could arrive via a special event or update.

There are steps needed for the promo codes to work. First and foremost, players will need to go to the Map View and press the Main Menu button. After which, they will press the Shop button and enter the promo code on the field that is found at the bottom of the screen. Once this is successful, a notification appears and highlights the items a player has acquired.

All players need to do for now is wait for the aforementioned to be revealed in Pokémon GO. That's right -- Niantic has yet to officially introduce them, though they've been announced. For iOS users, there is no need to get disappointed. They can still use the promo codes, though they have to enter on the website rather than in-game.

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