Capital One Employees Got Free Apple Watches, Find Out Why

By Edge Ison , May 05, 2017 05:55 AM EDT

Hundreds of employees of Capital One received a great "gift" from the company. The financial services company recently purchased hundreds of Apple Watches and gave them out to its employees.

The Apple Watches were given to employees working at the Capital One Cafe, according to iDROPNEWS. The said cafe is a mix between a coffee shop and a bank. Customers get a grand experience as they can sip a cup of coffee while going through their bank errands such as looking for the right financial plans. The smartwatches were provided to the employees for them primarily to better communication amongst themselves thus improving service in the cafe-slash-bank. The Apple Watches are also meant to prevent the employees from leaving customers to talk to other employees. In other words, if one of the employees needs help with anything like asking another worker about something or ordering coffee for the customer, he or she does not have to leave the customer's side at all.

The Capital One Cafe workers can also use the Apple Watches to set up appointments, order coffee, and send motivational quotes to each other. The catch is that the Apple Watches stay at the bank/cafe. The employers cannot take them home with them.

As reported by Business Insider, Apple CFO Luca Maestri revealed the Capital One purchase while talking about the company's quarterly performance. The revelation came on Tuesday and was made in front of analysts from Wall Street. Maestri explained that Capital One was "empowering their associates with Mac and Apple Watch".

This is not the first time that Capital One and Apple have joined forces. As Maestri mentioned, the finance company has "empowered" its workforce with Macs. In fact, around 30,000 of its employees have been given Macs and iPads along with more than 40 native iOS applications for work.

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