'Overwatch' Sombra Has A New Exploit That Makes Her Viable

By Alessia Amherst , May 11, 2017 06:23 AM EDT

Overwatch Sombra has been taking a lot of flak even after her buffs, but one recent exploit seems to have made her more viable in combat. Incidentally, the hero will also be getting her own personal sitting emote in the next major update.

The hacker hero has received her fair share of criticism since her release for having a rather complicated kit with small damage input in the wrong hands. Compared to other offense heroes like Soldier76 or Tracer, Sombra still cannot eliminate enemies as fast as them. Moreover, her kit has no offensive capabilities as she relies more on stealth and silencing her enemies.

However, netizen GamingSans posted a video on the game's official forums revealing a new exploit that may actually help improve her combat skills. For those unaware, the hacker has a short delay after coming out of her stealth ability. Not only does she announce her location but it also leaves her wide open until she can finally use her gun. This certain exploit removes that lag by binding a secondary emote and using it just as she comes out of invisibility.

While this might make her a bit overpowered, Overwatch Sombra can roam around the field and take down enemies without drawing too much attention. It would make her come off as an assassin-type character instead of her original backline disrupter role.

Incidentally, PVP Live shares that she will also be getting a much-demanded emote. Unlike all of the other heroes, with the exception of Orisa, Sombra still has no laughing nor sitting emote. Luckily, game director Jeff Kaplan claimed that she would finally be getting her own sitting emote in the next major content patch.

Similarly, Orisa has also received a new slew of voice lines that have been discovered by Redditor Orisa-Best-Tank in a data mine. This new set might also make its way to the upcoming major content patch which is rumored to arrive with the speculated anniversary event on May 24.

For now, fans will just have to wait for more details regarding the said event and when the new content will hit the live servers. Overwatch is now playable on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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