Intel's Frenetic AI Will Rule In The Next 5 Years

Intel Corporation is on its way to flip the market as it plans to roll out several artificial intelligence (AI) products. The American multinational corporation is currently building valuable products with its new acquisition of Nervana Systems. In fact, its recent moves such as combining Nervana, Altera, Phi and Xeon advise that it may even embrace non-x86 architecture to compete for the emerging AI market.

Naveen Rao, the head of Intel's new AI division predicts that industry will soon concentrate on a handful of core technologies and leaders including artificial intelligence products. Rao is the former CEO of Nervana Systems and believes that tech industry is moving at breakneck speed."You go three weeks without reading a paper and you're behind. It's just amazing," he said. "It's incredible."

According to PCWorld, it wasn't long ago that AI was solely the main focus of university research labs and after a couple of years, many tech companies have moved their goals, too. As of now, Intel's new group of AI researchers represents its biggest step toward being one of the leaders in the field. In fact, that group brings together all of the firm's hardware and software analysis tied to machine learning, deep learning, and algorithms.

Intel And HP To Get Cortana-powered Devices

Intel is well-known as one of the leading chip makers, its AI research also involves software packages that help developers add the features and capabilities to Intel-based hardware. By doing amazing software, Intel aims to make it really easier for all its customers to build AI-based systems. And in return, it will help the firm sell hardware. As a matter of fact, Intel and HP will soon get smart with its Cortana-powered devices, according to TechRadar.

Recently, at the Build Conference, it was revealed that Microsoft is pushing hard with AI and Cortana. It was also announced that both Intel and HP have signed up to deliver hardware featuring the digital assistant. However, other than the actual partnerships and primary goals of these companies, no details have been revealed about the devices we might see in the future.


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