There's No Such Thing As A Surface Pro 5, Microsoft Exec Said

Many fans have been waiting for an upgrade to Microsoft's devices such as Surface Pro and Surface Book variants. Last week, Microsoft revealed its Windows 10 S operating system alongside with its Surface Laptop running the latest OS. Attendees expected to see a new Surface Pro too, but unfortunately, it is not unveiled.

According to Neowin, Microsoft revealed that the company has another event on May 23, where it will "show the world what's next." Because of that revelation, many tech enthusiasts, especially Surface line fans, become excited since there is a big possibility that the firm might unveil the Surface Pro 5. However, Panos Panay, Microsoft's corporate vice president has stated that "there’s no such thing as a Pro 5."

Panay was asked if, after more than a year since the Surface Pro 4's announcement, people can expect the arrival of its successor gadget. The executive went on to say that the firm needs more time because it takes several years to do another killer project. He also mentioned that Surface Pro 4 is still god to use nowadays the people who are still "using a Pro 4 have a product that's going to be competitive for five years".

When the vice president becomes pressured to give an answer to the questions about the fifth generation Surface Pro, he finally clarified that by saying "You'll see that same meaningful impact when Pro 5 or Pro Next hits the market." Panay also said that Surface Pro 5 is not around so why make it a big deal and stay focus on what is newly unveiled. This means that in all probability, the Microsoft's May 23 event will be centered on simple processor refresh for the Surface Pro and no new family member.

According to WCCFTech, what Panay is implying on his statement is that there’s no such thing as a "Pro 5" and it is possible that the upcoming 2-in-1 Microsoft product could feature a completely different name. However, this will be a contrary to the chronological naming that Microsoft has been giving its Surface line-up variants. When that happens, the new hybrid gadget is not going to feature ground-breaking specs and features compared to Surface Pro 4.


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