'Criminal Minds' Boss Teased Season 13 And Hinted On More Installments; Shemar Moore's Guesting Indicates Thomas Gibson's Possible Comeback?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , May 12, 2017 07:24 AM EDT

"Criminal Minds" season 12 wrapped up with a huge cliffhanger that viewers might not have expected. The BAU team is in danger and only two of them can be assumed to be safe. As Spencer Reid was rumored to be killed off throughout the airing of the installment, it seems that another character is to say goodbye as season 13 premieres in fall. Meanwhile, Shemar Moore's guest appearance in the season finale might be the last but it somehow gave fans the hope that they could also bring Thomas Gibson back in the game.

Derek Morgan's (Shemar Moore) return to BAU was quite short and though he got the chance to reunite with Penelope, he was not able to see his good buddy, Spencer Reid. He went back to deliver a cryptic message which he thinks is a lead to Mr. Scratch's location and got frustrated after learning about Reid's incarceration.

Going back to the hero of "Criminal Minds" season 12, Spencer Reid had a face-off with Cat Adams who tried to play a dangerous mind game with him. She was extracting Reid of a secret that she said will let him see his mother Diana. Cat Adams even went to the point where she tricked Spencer Reid to believe that she was carrying his child.

This has then become the downfall of the villain as Lindsey was shocked to learn about her partner and lover's pregnancy. She has then turned herself and Diana Reid to the BAU, making fans assume that they are all safe now. Spencer Reid was however bothered in a way about Cat Adams' conclusion of him growing to be the same psychopath as her as he supposedly enjoyed poisoning his inmates during the previous episode on "Criminal Minds" season 12.

Spencer Reid is thinking and it might take a toll on him in the upcoming season. This was also teased by "Criminal Minds" showrunner Erica Messer in a postmortem interview. Messer hinted on a big change coming to season 13 and Spencer Reid's decision of going back to BAU and contemplation of which side - the good or the bad - he really is in will be revealed.

Erica Messer has so much more to reveal about what is going to happen in "Criminal Minds" season 13. First, she explained Shemar Moore's return where she might have hinted that season 12's finale will be his last appearance as he was cast in S.W.A.T. pilot. She indeed confirmed that they brought back his character because fans missed him, and this has become a good sign to everyone who would love Thomas Gibson to return as well.

The showrunner also mentioned about Mr. Scratch's future. The villain has been a ghost haunting the BAU for a long time now, yet the team still has not gotten close to solving his case. The finale was obviously a trap for the agents but while fans were expecting the end to be a face-off with Mr. Scratch, it appeared that they were set-up even before they reach him.

This has given the biggest villain of the show the chance to cement his role for another season. Messer has not hinted on who survived the pile-up but seemingly teased a character going. The "Criminal Minds" boss said that they are not yet sure who survives but definitely hopes that everyone will be safe.

Finally, Erica Messer dropped a major bombshell which might have revealed an upcoming "Criminal Minds" season 14. She confirmed in the interview that the season was ordered with 22 episodes, leading the series to its 299th chapter. She then revealed that a 300th episode is just around the corner and that Mr. Scratch will definitely be the "big baddie" of the said milestone.

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