CBS Wins On 'Criminal Minds' Free Reid Story; Spencer Reid Might Die During The Finale?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , May 08, 2017 07:12 AM EDT

Spencer Reid finally got out of prison on "Criminal Minds" Season 12, episode 21 and CBS won on its season high rating. The upcoming episode though which will wrap up the installment is expected to nab a higher viewers' hit as it is rumored to see a character dying and it might be Spencer. Shemar Moore is also set to return which fans are already excited about as he was absent for the whole season.

While there have been a lot of fans losing interest on the season-long Spencer Reid arc, millions of viewers were apparently curious to find out the genius' fate as he went to trial during the penultimate episode. "Green Light" saw Spencer being released but he is yet to face the real battle as he tries to resolve why he was framed and who took his mother Diana.

Spencer Reid is worried about his mother who is still ill of Alzheimer's, and he suspects Lindsey Vaughn to be the culprit. Spoilers predict that the Season 3 victim is working with Cat Adams who is reportedly back to exact her revenge on Reid. The new episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 12, titled "Red Light" might see Spencer and Diana facing grave danger as the BAU member comes face to face with his old nemesis.

Teasers reveal Reid meeting up with Cat Adams at the women's correctional facility so he can know his mother's location. The latter will, however, prove to be a tough opponent as she refuses to give the information that Spencer Reid wants from her. She will reportedly use the psyche mother to break Spencer, but the promo of the episode sees the BAU brain getting furious while extracting the truth out of Cat. Will Spencer come too late to save his mother? Or will he even make it to his mother's location?

It has long been rumored that a character is set to die in "Criminal Minds" Season 12. Most fans believe that it is Spencer Reid who will have to say his farewell as Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays the character, is reportedly leaving the show after this installment. Indeed, the synopsis of the show reveals that Spencer is about to face a dangerous bout with Cat Adams that predictions claim might see him losing his own life.

Meanwhile, Shemar Moore's return has been one of the most hyped highlights of "Criminal Minds" Season 12. He left the CBS drama in Season 11 as he wishes to try out new projects, which equally gave him success. However, he seemingly will not allow the Mr. Scratch hunt finish without taking part on it as he is now coming back to help the BAU find the villain with an essential information that he is yet to deliver.

Shemar Moore's return as Derek Morgan is expected to give the current season its highest rating. It can be recalled that viewers went on a boycott when lead actor Thomas Gibson was fired from the show. The last episode though gave "Criminal Minds" Season 12 over 7.4 million viewers which also jotted down the highest value during the Wednesday night drama marathon.

A lot of fans are still expecting Thomas Gibson to return on "Criminal Minds" though. Most followers even suggest that it is not far from happening as his character Aaron Hotchner is still alive. His yet theoretical involvement on the crime flick still needs to be confirmed as "Criminal Minds" move towards the production of its Season 13, which might come out later this year. "Criminal Minds" Season 12, episode 22 will be released next Wednesday, May 10 on CBS.

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