Meet Elextra, Porsche Mission E And Tesla Model S' Biggest Rival

A new supercar is being developed and set to go on sale by 2019. The Swiss-designed, all-electric and four-door supercar is called Elextra. With its cutting-edge electric drivetrain technology, it is said to be the biggest rival of Porsche Mission E and Tesla Model S.

Design And Body Built

Back in February, New Atlas saw some hints of the Elextra's body design in a pre-release. That few details provided a small taste of the whole sleek look that designers were going for the new supercar. However, today, we can already see the overall package that was completely designed in Switzerland and will be soon built in Germany.

The Elextra has the Ferrari-Lamborghini appeal in its wedge nose and very much inspired by the best of Italy design. Meaning, the supercar Elextra pulls off a sports car appearance while incorporating a family-friendly feel. The design and its built is balanced, thanks to the rear doors being hidden in the haunches of the supercar.The company hasn't revealed its pricing, but expect it to build more than 100 examples of the model unit.

 Elextra Will Take On Porsche Mission E And Tesla Model S

According to Maxim, the Elextra EV will be powered by twin electric engines that produce a controller-limited 680 horsepower. The supercar's top speed is set at 155 mph or equal to (250 km/h. The designers of Elextra confirm that at a speed of 62 mph, the supercar has a total electric range of nearly 373 miles or 600 km.

Aside from that, the company also claims that the Elextra will go from 0-62 mph, meaning it will have hits of 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. With this extra huge powers, the Elextra supercar will outdo the Porsche Mission E and Tesla Model S P100D. Robert Palm, Elextra designer and Classic Factory CEO, said that their main goal is "to show future technology in a superbly designed car."


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