'The Flash' Latest Updates: Iris Couldn't Be Dead At All

The latest episode of “The Flash” Season 3 has finally featured one of the awaited possible futures that the show has planned for. It seems like things didn't go well as Barry Allen planned and he could not stop Iris West from dying. However, fans are convinced that this is not the end for Iris and that she could still be alive.

Team Flash Fails To Save Iris And Stop Savitar

The latest episode of “The Flash” Season 3, which is titled “Infantino Street” showcased the fateful event that Barry Allen and his team have been trying to prevent to happen. It was in the ninth episode that Barry time traveled once again and bumped into an important possible future. It was of his fiancé, Iris West getting murdered by Savitar right before Barry’s eyes and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

Team Flash had then been preparing scenarios and ways for half of the third season to find a way on how to save Iris. With a plan in hand, the fateful night arrives and Flash puts their plan into action but it fails when Savitar shows up with the Philosopher Stone, making the plan to use the Speed Force Bazooka on him to be useless. As predicted, Savitar stabs and kills Iris just before he escapes.

Iris Dies Anyway But Is She Really Dead?

One thing about the “The Flash” is that it visits a lot of possibilities because of its time traveling aspect. Iris’s death was expected but no one thought Flash would not be able to stop it. The Flash has been distorting time and future because of his travels and he just have to accept it that this is one of the dire consequences of his actions.

However, several avid fans do not believe that Iris is really dead because there could be a possibility that the Iris who was just killed was actually a time remnant, which is explained to be a timeline duplicate in the “The Flash” universe. With that, Flash could just time travel again and find another way or time to save Iris, which of course will yield to more series of consequences. Another reason Iris couldn’t really be dead is because her death will cause the show to become dark and one of the charms of The CW’s “The Flash” is that it’s action-packed, light, and funny. A death in the highly rated DC series would change a lot for the show and this could affect it one way or another.

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