‘The Flash' Season 4 Will Have New Non-Speedster Villain; Who Can It Be?

“The Flash” is still in for a couple of episodes before the third season ends. However, news about “The Flash” Season 4 is already out and fans are excited to get every bit of update. It has been revealed that there will be a new villain in the next season.

“The Flash” Season 4 Gets A New Villain

It has just been revealed that the next season of “The Flash” will introduce a new non-speedster villain. The update was revealed by Andrew Kreisberg himself, one of the developers of the said DC show. He gave away this tidbit at the recent PaleyFest in Los Angeles, wherein various representatives of The CW DC shows namely "Arrow", "Supergirl", "Legends of Tomorrow", and "The Flash", showed up for panel interviews.

Kreisberg said that “The Flash” Season 4 will have a different type of villain because Barry Allen needs to face a new kind of challenge. He said that they had to find a scarier villain than Zoom aside from Savitar so they won’t be bringing in a speedster enemy next season. Thanks to this spoiler, fans are rummaging their minds thinking of who The CW's planning to go against Barry Allen for the next season.

Possible Villains For “The Flash” Season 4

Kreisberg indicated specifically that they want someone more badass and who does not have the speed skills just like The Flash. In the comics, The Flash went against tons of non-speedster villains and some that have been quite powerful. One of the guesses is Kilgore, which is spelled as Kilg%re, since he has been one of the early villains of The Flash. Kilgore uses electricity for his power, has a robot body, and is intelligent enough that he can figure out to consume an entire planet to survive.

Another guess would be Anti-Monitor, who is actually a supervillain that has crucial connections not just with The Flash but also with Supergirl. The CW has already revealed before that they are gearing up for huge four-way crossover in the next seasons and this could be the focal point since Anti-Monitor is actually one of the biggest and scariest supervillains in the DC Universe. Anti-Monitor has gone against other DC superheroes and he is so strong that he can withstand attacks even from Superman.

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