'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 92 Spoilers: New Synopsis Reveals New Saiyans' Preparations; Toppo Recruits For Universe 11

New official updates from Shounen Jump has just been released for another upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super”. The official update reveals new spoilers for the 92nd episode, which will be airing next week.

Cabba Trains New Super Saiyans Caulifla And Kale

The new update from Shounen Jump reveals more spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 92. The said episode will be continuing Team Universe 7’s dilemma over Majin Buu missing out on the Tournament of Power. Aside from that, this episode will also be focusing more on other teams especially on the newly introduced Saiyans. As revealed in the early episodes, Cabba has been tasked to find Saiyans to represent Universe 6 and he has succeeded in doing so.

However, it seems like the new Saiyans, Caulifla and Kale have yet to learn and master their skills. Cabba, who recently mastered his Super Saiyan transformation, will be teaching the female Saiyans how to power up just in time for the Tournament of Power. Kale is Caulifla’s underling and just like Cabba, they are Saiyans from Universe 6 who are oblivious to the fact that they can transform into various levels of power to become stronger just like Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta from Universe 7.

Toppo Recruits For Team Universe 11

Universe 11 was introduced as a strong team in the “Dragon Ball Super” series. One of the highlights of the ongoing Universe Survival Saga was Toppo’s fight against Gohan, which revealed that Universe 11 was a force to reckon with and so far the strongest contender among the participating teams. Universe 11 started off at the Zen-Oh Exhibition Match with a team that is composed of the Pride Troopers.

With the new official updates, it seems like Toppo has been tasked to find more strong warriors for Universe 11. It is most likely that he will be recruiting fighters outside the Pride Troopers to fill up their roster and ensure their survival. The Grand Priest has required each universe to come up with a team of 10 fighters and Universe 11 has only introduced five fighters so far.

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