‘Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Mysterious Female Saiyan's New Form? More Details Released

The official publication for “Dragon Ball Super” and other popular anime series updates have released a new teaser featuring one of the new characters in the said arc. The unnamed female Saiyan is finally introduced and more details about her have been revealed.

“Dragon Ball Super” Introduces New Female Saiyan

V Jump released its June issue and it featured updates for “Dragon Ball Super”, specifically pertaining to a new character that will be introduced in the ongoing Universe Survival Arc. The said teaser featured a black-haired woman wearing purple clothes and the said anime series has finally confirmed that she is a Saiyan. The teaser included shots from the new opening sequence of “Dragon Ball Super” where it briefly revealed a female transforming into a Super Saiyan and was dubbed by fans as the female Broly.

The teaser also revealed more important details about this unnamed female Saiyan. The teaser is hinting that she may come from either Universe 7 or Universe 6 but fans are speculating that it is highly likely that she is from the latter. Aside from that, the teaser essentially pointed out that she does not have a monkey-like tail, an inherent Saiyan feature that Cabba from Universe 6 claimed their Saiyan race lost because of evolution. Goku and Gohan, who are both from Universe 7’s Saiyan race used to have tails.

Why Are Fans Excited With The Female Saiyan?

The unidentified female Saiyan, which fans have fondly nicknamed the female Broly because of her bulky features, is reportedly the first female Saiyan to appear in the anime series. Aside from that, before the teaser was revealed, fans were given a glimpse of her power but the latest update released a thinner version of the said character. This might be a hint that the mysterious female Broly may actually possess two forms when powering up, one in Super Saiyan and one where her power is condensed, making her skinny.

There are also speculations that this female Saiyan might actually have the power to transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan, just like Broly. Another thing is that if the female Saiyan does turn out to be from Universe 6, this means fans will be seeing a showdown of Super Saiyans at the upcoming Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” since Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Cabba will be in it. It is highly likely that she is a Saiyan from Universe 6 that Cabba recruited after the latter was tasked by Champa to look for other Saiyans to join the said tournament.

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