‘Destiny 2’ For PC Unlocks Framerate, Supports 4K But Doesn’t Have Dedicated Multiplayer Servers

There's good news for all PC gamers who want to play Destiny 2 on their tabletops. It seems the game publisher has released a number of updates on its PC version recently. One of the updates unlocks the game's framerate. Additionally, the game now supports 4K. The publisher also unveiled other features on May 18.

Gamers Have To Rely On Peer-To-Peer Networking

However, there's also some bad news. It appears that Destiny 2 for PCs will not have dedicated multiplayer servers. In lieu of this, gamers will have to settle on peer-to-peer networking just like what's being done in the original game. That means more instability and latency during frag fests.

For now, Destiny 2 for PC gamers have to wait for dedicated servers which are typically offered by big budget games. But isn't this game a big-budgeted one? Reports indicated that it cost Bungie $142 million in 2014 to develop this game. Anyways, dedicated servers will make the game more pleasing to PC owners since they are usually more reliable.

Here Are Some Of The Attractive Updates

On the positive side, apart from offering 4K resolution and an unlocked frame rate, the new Destiny 2 update intended for PC platforms will now offer text chat, 21:9 monitor support, full mouse, and keyboard support along with custom key mapping, detailed PC settings screen, and adjustable field of view.

With regards to the lack of dedicated multiplayer servers, David Shaw, project lead of Bungie, says they have looked at their tech and have tried to figure it out. He added that they examined the things they can reduce and optimize. However, he admitted that their tech is not specifically geared for Destiny 2 PC right now.

Release Date For PC Is Still Uncertain

Another thing that would be an issue for Destiny 2 for PC gamers is the fact that they still don't know when they will actually get their copies. Bungie announced that it would release the title on different consoles this coming September. However, the PC version is not included in the schedule, which was confirmed by Luke Smith, the director of the game.

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