Bungie Reveals Key 'Destiny 2' Lost Sectors Information

When Destiny 2 announced the news about its new PVE elements like a more open-world feel to its patrols, fans were particularly interested in the Adventures and Lost Sectors. Fans have speculated that the Lost Sectors would be mini-Raid of some kind and could be a procedurally generated event. However, Steve Cotton, World Director for Bungie, has confirmed that it will be "hand crafted" instead.

Steve Cotton reportedly replied to a fan who posted a question on Twitter. The fan also pointed out that procedural content has never been done before in a Bungie game. Just like most of the single-player missions and Adventures, Lost Sectors will be pre-authored by the development team, but the Destiny 2 World Director expressed his love for "procedural possibilities," says Game Rant. It seems that fans of the sci-fi FPS would love to have more stuff to do in the endgame. Procedurally-generated areas or worlds have been successful in a few RPGs and online games in the past.

Bungie already elaborated more about the Lost Sectors and its details. According to the development team, these are secret side-quests hidden around the open-world maps in Destiny 2. Once discovered, a group of players can enter these areas, while another group might just sneak in and take advantage of the open door. Guardians can expect to solve a series of puzzles akin to the ones featured in Raids and eventually fight a boss in order to earn some loot. Fans apparently want to know if these areas are a one-time event or can be done multiple times like a regular Raid sans the premium loot rewarded the first time around.

Fans of the sci-fi shooter apparently love the idea that Bungie has expanded patrols into open-world maps. Moreover, the announcement that confirms players no longer need to be in orbit to launch activities is warmly-received by veterans. Besides the Lost Sectors, Bungie has also showcased Adventures as another PVE activity wherein Guardians participate in 10-15 minute story-driven side quests. Players can interact with certain NPCs to further expand the lore surrounding Destiny 2.

According to the developer, other than its new PVE features like Lost Sectors and Adventures, it has taken an extra measure to prevent cheating in Destiny 2. Bungie claims that cheaters will experience a short and harsh life in the game. Security concerns were reportedly brought up as the developer confirmed the absence of a dedicated server.

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