Devs Talk About 'Destiny 2' Patrols And In-Game Events

Bungie has obviously changed some key elements in Destiny 2. The sequel is set to feature some new worlds for Guardians to patrol and explore. Just like the first game, players are expected to do patrols, but instead of the beacons, players can encounter activities called Adventures and Lost Sectors. The free-roaming activity will benefit from the larger map sizes as well as the added settlements scattered around the areas.

Destiny 2 and its four new worlds will offer players a chance to interact with certain NPCs. These characters will often give gamers side missions known as Adventures, which are reportedly "10-to-15-minute-long missions with narrative and dialogue." These side missions apparently "take you to new places and they do new things," adds Steve Cotton. Game Rant explains that these Adventure missions allow the game to deliver more story elements.

According to Cotton, the Adventures are like playing a section of a raid like the Vault of Glass. He describes it as like "going into the first room of the Vault of Glass for the first time." Each adventure will supposedly have different tasks like "building a Vex construct" or whatever the Adventure "happens to tell you to do." Meanwhile, Lost Sectors are described to be the dungeon section of the patrols in Destiny 2, as reported by Glixel.

Players will apparently discover hidden symbols throughout their patrols and each one needs to be activated. Afterward, the Lost Sectors will be revealed and gamers will have to explore these areas and eventually fight a boss. Destiny 2 players might want to participate in these activities to score some great loot. Bungie's world director, Steve Cotton, claims that the Lost Sectors are not as long as raids, but are intended to be finished "pretty quickly."

Players can also just explore and do other missions while other teams can explore the new expansive maps. However, if a team manages to decipher the mechanics to unlock the Lost Sectors, other teams can also just "sneak in with them", says Cotton. Destiny 2 is expected to launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 8, 2017, while the PC version launches at a later date.

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