'Far Cry 5' To Feature Dynamic Story And AIs, Developer Confirms

Just recently, Ubisoft confirmed the upcoming existence of Far Cry 5, though many have already anticipated its arrival thanks to the leaks. The studio promises to offer features and whatnots that were never introduced to previous installments. These alone are enough to keep the interest towards the game at bay.

According to WCCFTech, Far Cry 5 was officially announced by the video game company around last Friday. The studio also confirmed all the rumors about its setting, which points to Montana. More importantly, the developers suggest that this game, unlike any other titles in the series, will totally be a unique one.

In a video interview with YouTube channel UbiCentral, the creative director of Far Cry 5 Dan Hay revealed some interesting details about the upcoming title. He explained that, contrary to popular belief, the game will not offer a linear story. The latter, in one way or another, is well-known in previous games from the franchise.

Hay even went to describe the map of Far Cry 5 as a big one. He even pointed out that when players go through the world of the game, they will realize the experience is being altered in a dynamic way. Basically, in this fifth installment, players' actions and decisions have the power to change their own experience. It could be that they will spend a good amount of time enjoying a certain location, while others would simply want to head over and find a new one. Hay iterates that the possibilities are just endless.

Apart from the dynamic environment, the game will offer to the community, Ubisoft also plans to introduce an AI system. This AI will basically keep track of all the actions of the players, allowing it to alter their strategies accordingly. Ubisoft did not mention how exactly it will work, though.

Express notes that Far Cry 5 is expected to hit the shelves come Feb. 27 next year. The development process is being led by the company's Montreal division. More details about the upcoming title are expected to surface in the coming weeks or months.

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