‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Latest News: Upcoming DLC To Feature The Next Galaxy Invasion?

Invading a foreign planet is one of the recurring themes of Mass Effect: Andromeda. As such, the characters in its gameplay will be involved in a lot of bloody squabbles and violent skirmishes in their effort to colonize another planet. The latest news is that the next galaxy invasion will be featured in its upcoming DLC.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is About Colonization

Although there are many hands that went into the creation and development of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the general theme of colonization is carried all over the gameplay. With their native planet dying or destroyed, the characters main concern is where they can continue living. Thus, their quest is defined by the next galaxy invasion.

Of course, since there are many 'creators' of Mass Effect: Andromeda, its main theme of galaxy invasion will be colored by their personal tastes, biases, and concepts. This can be seen in the way the video game treats the subject of colonization. Some characters act like they're getting rid of a foreign planet's abusive overlords, while other characters view their colonization as just that - conquering and abusing the natives.

Upcoming DLC Will Feature The Next Galaxy Invasion?

In this light, that latest news indicates that BioWare is hinting that a group of masked space nomads will be coming back by way of an upcoming DLC. Loyal fans of the video game are aware of a group called Quarians. They appeared in Mass Effect: Andromeda by way of the Turian Ark.

Quarians were an important race in the first Mass Effect: Andromeda trilogy. They are a stateless alien species living on the fringes of the galaxy. However, it seems that they can still reclaim their homeland in the current video game. The latest APEX Mission has hinted something along this line.

In early March 2017, BioWare also released a Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer titled Golden Worlds of the Andromeda galaxy revealing the planets that can possibly support life. A small line in that trailer says: "For our turian and quarian colonists, Habitat 5 appears to be a perfect home for dextro-protein life." Coupled with the recent info taken from the APEX Mission, the chances of Quarians coming back in the game is high.

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