'Magikarp Jump' Guide: Tricks, Tips For Beginners On How To Jump Higher And Climb The Leagues Faster

By Joseph St. James. , May 31, 2017 09:41 AM EDT

Magikarp Jump is beginning to be the most popular game as of late. Perhaps one of the reasons why it is getting famous is that it's not like other jump games. This newest Pokemon game offers multiple features and things that players can use to make their Magikarps the best they can be.

What are the things a beginner should do in order for his Magikarp to jump higher and help him climb the leagues faster? Here are some Magikarp Jump tips and tricks

How To Improve Magikarp's Jump Power

The level of a Magikarp in the game is dependent on how high it can jump. Therefore a beginner in this game must be focused on its JP or Jump Power. This power must be the main goal for Magikarp's feeding, training and entering competitions. So, a trainer needs to give better food to his fishes so that they can increase their strength.

Provide Magikarp With Ample Training

Only with enough training can Magikarp jump as high as it can. So, trainers should grab all the training chances that they can give to their fishes. Every trainer starts with three training points. The game will provide random training activity where trainers can increase their JP amounts. A beginner should strive to enter higher training events so that Magikarp will earn more JP.

A Player Should Compete In Leagues

This leads to the next tips for beginners in this newest Pokemon game. They must not be shy in joining league competitions. This is the best way to earn items and coins. Players can join the game's gym battles to earn the best rewards. Magikarp Jump has eight leagues. Beginners start with the first league consisting of four battles. As they go up, they should expect more battles.

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