New 'Pokemon' Game For Mobile Is Now Available On iOS And Android

A new Pokemon game titled Magikarp Jump for mobile is now available on iOS and Android. Niantic announced early this year that it will release a new game. Is this it? Many Pokemon gamers think that the fish Magikarp is the most useless and the weakest of all Pokemon. How will this new game change that reputation?

This Game Will Change The Bad Reputation Of Magikarp

Magikarp Jump, according to the promo of the game developer, will remove the monster's bad reputation. In this new Pokemon game, players need to catch Magikarp, increase its level and then train it so that it will be the highest jumping karp in the land. When the fish reaches level 20, it will be retired. The player has to start over with a new gen Magikarp.

If the fish gets knocked out during the game, the player needs to start all over again, with a new gen Magikarp. But the player of this new Pokemon game will not lose anything that he gained during the game. Every generation of Magikarp that comes up is stronger than the previous ones.

Different Types Of Magikarps Are Available

Players of this new Pokemon game can catch different types of Magikarp. They need to train them all so that they can prove their worth. The game is not the typical Pokemon games but is concentrated on jumping, hence its title, Magikarp Jump.

There Are Rewards For Training Magikarp

If the player is good at increasing the height of Magikarp's jumps, he will get commemorative photos of his achievements. He can then share these photos with his friends online. They will see how he is good at training his Magikarp in this new Pokemon game. But Magikarp can't develop his skills in jumping if the player doesn't feed and care for it.

Therefore, gamers should feed their fishes and provide them a good living environment. That means, they also need to decorate their aquariums so that the karps will be happy where they are. It seems that Pikachu, Snorlax, and Litten will guest appear in this new Pokemon game. The promo said they will help in boosting Magikarp's food supply, jumping power, and speed of training. This new Pokemon game is now available at the App Store and Google Play store.

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