‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ DLC To Announce Launch Date Soon? Releases Bonus Rewards Update

The creative folks at BioWare are still mum about the state of development of their massively successful title Mass Effect Andromeda. But there are recent rumors that indicate an upcoming DLC will be revealed soon. This speculation was sparked by the recent release of the game's latest bonus rewards update.

A Bonus Reward Pack Was Released Recently

BioWare's development team of Mass Effect Andromeda made an announcement just this last weekend. They said that all players who log into the game will get a "Bonus Reward Pack by the Andromeda Initiative." The announcement also explained that there are only a few challenges that haven't been encountered by the APEX Elite militia.

The battles fought by the multi-species members of the team were all different. They are advised to use their rewards to boost their multiplayer characters. Each APEX mission team member must join their friends and be involved in defending "their new home in Andromeda."

Might There Be A DLC Soon?

In light of recent developments, there are gamers who believe that BioWare might be launching a DLC update soon for Mass Effect Andromeda. So, even if the title is relegated to the backburner, it seems BioWare still want's the title to be in the consciousness of its fans. Why not?

Is Mass Effect Andromeda The Most Popular Game In The World?

Based on what a gamer found out at the recent Computex event, the influence of Mass Effect Andromeda is somewhat pervasive. As a result of his discovery, this gamer believes that MEA is the most popular game at Computex. This event was recently held in Taiwan from May 30 to June 2, 2017.

He discovered that every computer at the event was running Mass Effect Andromeda. This is surprising for a game that was placed on the backburner by its developer just recently. The gamer suspects that this took place because MEA has all the bells and whistles to be a good demo for Nvidia hardware.

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