Andy Rubin's Essential Faces Trademark Infringement Issues

By Edge Ison , Jun 05, 2017 05:55 AM EDT

There is trouble brewing for Andy Rubin and his company, Essential Products. A company that makes smartphone cases and accessories is accusing Essential of trademark infringement.

Spigen is asking Rubin's company through a cease and desist order to stop using the term "Essential" as it already has the rights to it. According to Spigen, it has already trademarked the word since August 2016. The company does not manufacture hardware such as smartphones though it is popular for its cases and other accessories created for different smartphones.

Spigen has been using the name for some of its consumer products. It currently does not have any existing product carrying the "Essential" moniker but the company has used the name for its battery packs, Bluetooth headphones, and chargers.

Spigen is worried that Rubin's use of the word may cause confusion among consumers. The Verge reported that Spigen is giving Rubin and his company until June 15 to respond to their demand. If no move is done on Rubin's side, the smartphone case maker will be "prepared to take any and all actions to protect Spigen's marks."

Neowin noted that Rubin is well aware of the trademark issues with Spigen. Essential Products has tried to trademark the name twice before and twice it was rejected. The reason why Rubin's Essential was denied is precisely that of the possible confusion with Spigen's products. Rubin, however, went on and used the name despite the possible legal troubles.

Andy Rubin recently unveiled his Essential Phone along with other potential products under the Essential brand particularly a smart speaker, the Essential Home, and a pair of smart glasses. All these products may be known by different names if Spigen succeeds in its demands.

Rubin should act fast as the release of the Essential Phone or whatever it will be called, is near. The former Google bigwig and Android co-founder mentioned that the Essential Phone will be available within 30 days since its launch.

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